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22 home remedies to remove upper lip hair naturally at home: Painless and natural ways for upper lips hair removal, How to wax and thread your upper lips hair naturally at home

 You can not deny the fact that you have to bear a lot of pain to get your upper lip hair removed and sometimes you may get allergic reaction after getting your upper lips hair threaded. But we girls strongly detest the fine facial hair like moustache on upper lip area. Of course, there are several treatments for removing upper lip hair such as threading, waxing, laser and hair removal creams etc.

How nice it would be if some home remedies could get you rid of upper lip hair naturally at no great cost minus any pain. This article has come up with 22 best home remedies which are really effective in removing unwanted upper lip hair naturally.

 Mentioned below are the best home remedies for upper lip hair removal safely and permanently. 

 1.Turmeric and milk for upper lips hair removal naturally

Turmeric has been used for beauty purposes since ages. Turmeric is known to lessen body hair and makes skin fair. Milk is also useful for skin. A blend for these ingredients makes your skin fairer and glowing.  Not only this,  this amazing mixture helps to reduce upper lips hair very effectively. Just mix one spoon of turmeric and one spoon of milk and dab on your upper-lips area and leave it on your skin for 20 minutes to dry up completely.  Use this home remedy daily for fast results.

 2. Turmeric and water for removing  upper lip hair safely and painless way

 Mix 2 spoons of turmeric and equal amount of water and let this homemade facial mask to stay on your upper lips region till it hardens. In the end, wash off with cold water. Practice this recipe for 4 weeks continuously and you will notice significant reduction in upper lips hair.

3. Egg white to get rid of hair on upper lips region 

 Egg white is a good aid in removing and reducing upper lips hair. Just apply egg white over your upper lip hair and leave it on for 30 minutes.

 Another natural remedy you can use with egg is to mix one egg white with 2 spoons of sugar and 2 spoons of corn flour and scrub it off on your hair in the opposite direction of hair growth. Use this recipe daily and your upper lips hair will be reduced naturally.

4. Chana daal flour, turmeric and cream mix to remove unwanted upper hair naturally

Grind chana daal ( Split bengal gram) with water and  2 spoons of fresh cream. Then add one spoon of turmeric to this mix. Smear this mix all over your upper lip area and let it dry completely and rub it off against the direction of hair growth.. This beauty tip is highly beneficial in ripping off hair from the skin of new babies also.

5. Sugar for waxing your upper lip hair natural way

 Sugar is highly beneficial in removing upper lips hair naturally. Heat 3 spoons of sugar in a pan with water till it melts completely. Add few spoons of lemon juice to melted sugar and let the mixture cool down a bit. Next smear a thick layer of this mixture over the upper lip area. Pull off the hair with the use of thick cloth. Just put a cloth over the upper lip region and rip off the hair immediately. This treatment helps to remove upper lip hair naturally.

 6. Yogurt, turmeric and besan face mask for reducing upper lips hair

Mix 2 spoons of yogurt,  3 spoons of besan(gram flour) and half spoon of turmeric and dab on your upper lips region. After 20 minutes, scrub off well to remove this mask. Usage of this recipe will result in reduction of upper lip hair and after few applications, hair on upper lip hair will look noticeable thinner.

 7.Milk flour, milk and turmeric mask for threading upper lip hair

Using  wholewheat flour with milk and raw turmeric is the cheapest and painless way to remove upper lips hair. Mix one spoon of flour with half spoon of turmeric and few spoons of milk and smear this preparation on upper lip region.  Either Wash off with water or peel it off with hands. Use  this natural remedy daily before taking bath.

 8.Sugar and chamomile tea bags painless waxing at home

You need not go to beauty parlour to remove your facial and upper lip hair. Instead, you can rely on this below-mentioned natural remedy to remove your upper-lip hair. Take 2 cups of sugar, 4 chamomile tea bags. To get started, boil  all 4 chamomile tea bags in 2 cups of water for 30 minutes till water turns almost half cup in quantity. Strain this mixture and extract half cup of chamomile tea. Next, heat one cup of water in a pan and to this,add chamomile tea you extracted, 2 spoons of lemon juice and some sugar and heat this mixture till it becomes sticky and dark. Let this mixture cool down a bit and then spread it over your upper-lip region and use a thick cloth to safely remove hair from this area. Use this beauty tip to safely remove hair from your upper lip area.

 8. Gram flour, turmeric and cream and lemon juice mix helps to clear unwanted hair on upper lip area

 Take 2 spoons of gram flour, 1 spoon of turmeric and few spoons of milk cream and 3 spoons of lemon juice and rub this mixture on your upper lip area  for 5 minutes to remove fine hair on lips and you can even use this exfoliating scrub on your whole face to lighten and reduce facial hair also.

9 Honey and lemon juice for removing upper lip hair

 Mix 2 spoons of honey and 2 spoons of lemon juice and apply on your upper lips hair to lighten and reduce the hair follicle in upper lips area.

10. Corn flour and milk skin exfoliating scrub for scrubbing off upper-lip hair 

 Just blend 2 spoons of corn flour with 2 spoons of milk and  leave this mix on upper lip region where hair strands are visible, for 20 minutes till the mask dries off  well. 20 minutes later, peel off the mask. This treatment will scrub off the unwanted hair on your upper lips area by reducing the density of upper lip hair.

 11.Red lentil(red masoor daal) and milk upper lips hair removal treatment

 Soak up red lentil in milk for 2 hours and them grind this to a fine paste and rub it off on your upper lips area to get rid of unwanted hair on your upper-lip area.

  12.Potato juice natural remedy for removing and preventing upper lip hair

Smear potato juice or rub potato slice over your upper-lips area to lessen the hair growth on upper-lips areas.

 13.Rice flour and yogurt mix for getting rid if upper lip hair naturally

 Mix rice flour with yogurt and scrub on your upper lips area to smoothen and reduce the hair growth.
 This mixture will help to weaken the hair roots and thickness of hair. So regular usage of this recipe will result in reduction of upper lip hair.

 14. Fenugreek seeds and moong daal( green gram) mixture to remove fine facial hair on upper lip region

 Soak up fenugreek seeds(methi) and moong daal in equal measure in water overnight and grind them coarsely and rub this preparation on your upper lip area against the direction of hair grown to remove the fine hair on upper lip area permanently.

15. Beetroot juice with cream to get rid of upper lip hair

 Do not be surprised! Beetroot juice mixed with cream do wonders in  clearing upper lip hair. Just apply this mixture on upper lip hair strands daily and you will notice a significant reduction in hair growth gradually.

16.Carrot juice with cream upper lip hair removing recipe

 Carrot juice too works really well in removing upper lips hair if used topically with cream on this area. Not only this, this homemade facial mask will lighten the facial hair if your use it on your face.

  17.Wheat bran (chokker) and milk and turmeric for ripping off upper lip hair removal

  Soak up wheat bran in milk for 5 minutes and then add 1 spoon of raw turmeric paste and scrub this mixture against the direction of hair growth. In the end ,wash off with lukewarm water. Repeat this process daily to remove upper lips hair permanently and prevent the growth of new hair in this region.

 18.Barley flour and milk mixture for upper-lip hair removal

 Barley flour is known amongst the best natural ingredients to remove facial hair that is why it is very popular treatment to remove fine hair on children's tender skin. Mix 2 spoons of barley flour with 2 spoons of milk and rub this mixture gently against the direction of hair to get rid of ugly facial hair on your upper lips area.

19. Brown sugar, lemon juice and water for parlour like waxing at home

 Mix one cup of brown sugar with 3 spoons of lemon juice and  2 spoons of water. Pour all ingredients in a pan and heat this pan on medium flame till it become thick like a honey. Next apply this mixture with the help of spatula all over your upper lip region and place a thick cloth over it and then pull off the hair immediately.  This brown sugar wax is less painful to sugar wax. Do use this beauty tip for waxing your body hair too naturally at home. Rub ice cubes gently following this process to reduce the pain and redness caused by waxing.

 20. Aloe vera gel, turmeric, lemon peel powder, papaya paste, mustard oil, essential oil for upper lip hair removal

Mix one spoon of papaya paste, 3 spoons of aloe vera gel, 2 spoons of lemon peel powder, few drops of mustard oil and 2 drops of essential oil of your choice. Relax for 20 minutes and then scrub this mixture against the direction of hair growth. Repeat this process thrice in a week and you will notice that density of the strands are getting reduced day be day.

 21.Banana and oatmeal scrub for smooth and hairless upper lip area

Take one ripe banana with 2 spoons of coarsely ground oatmeal powder. Combine these ingredients thoroughly and smear on your upper lip region for 20 minutes. Afterwards, peel off this mask gently to remove the upper lip hair. This remedy will reduce the growth of new hair on upper lips region.

22. Alum powder and rose water for upper lip hair removal treatment

 Dip half spoon of alum powder in 3 spoons of rose water and apply this mixture on upper lips region where strands are there. Allow it to dry well and reapply the mixture again. Let this dry off completely and then wash off. Follow up the olive oil and sesame oil application.

 By now, you are aware of the best 22 home remedies to remove upper lip hair naturally. Use these aforementioned recipes for upper-lip hair removal in natural and painless way. Do share your queries and experience with me in comments sections given below the post.

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16 home remedies for lightening and removing stretch marks naturally : Tips for pregnancy stretch marks removal and treatment, How to cure stretch marks using natural remedies at home

 Stretch marks are the narrow lines or streaks on the skin which are usually triggered by sudden weight gain or weight loss. They mainly appear on the skin during pregnancy and weight fluctuations. Stretch marks are attributed to many factors such as puberty, hormone replacement therapy, body building, genetic disorder, heredity, adrenal gland disease, use of certain medications,etc.  Stretch marks are mainly found on things, hips, lower abdomen, buttock and breasts. Although it is said that stretch marks are not possible to remove but there are some home remedies which claim to lighten stretch marks if used in initial stage. Let us find out how we can make some homemade masks to lighten stretch marks a great deal. Mentioned below the best home remedies to lighten and fade away stretch marks the natural way.

                                        Image source wikipedia

Tips for treating stretch marks by using natural ingredients at home


 Sugar is a natural exfoliating agent which helps to fade stretch marks naturally.  Sugar is a good source of glycolic acid, main component of alpha hydroxy acids that make your skin younger and softer, and fairer. Thar is why sugar is very beneficial in lightening dark skin, suntan and ugly stretch marks. Make an exfoliating face mask with 3 spoons of sugar with 2 spoons of lemon juice and few drops of almond oil. Rub this mixture on your abdomen or affected area for 5 minutes till sugar melts completely and use this recipe daily till stretch marks fade completely.

 2.Potato juice

Potato juice is rich in vitamins and minerals which speeds up growth of new and healthy cells. To top it off, potato is chock-full of antioxidants which help to move electron or hydrogen from one substance to an oxidising agent which slows down cell damage process. Anti-oxidants are helpful in breaking off the chain reaction of  skin damaging free radicals. As a result, potato is boon to your skin when it comes to evening out the uneven tone. Just cut a half of potato and rub this on your abdominal areas and let it dry off completely till it dries off. Rich in magnesium and thiamine, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, potato juice is highly effective in fading pregnancy stretch marks and other stretch marks too. Use this beauty tip daily for quick results.

3. Aloe vera

 Aloe vera is the well known natural remedy that lightens stretch marks. Aloe vera gel is extracted from the plant of aloe vera. It speeds up collagen production which helps repair the skin.  Collagen is helpful in making your skin firm, elastic and youthful.  Just apply pure aloe vera gel all over your pregnancy stretch marks. For best students, burst open vitamin E capsules to obtain oil and mix this with to freshly extracted sticky aloe vera gel and massage on your stretch marks to fade them naturally. Very effective natural remedy to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

 4.Olive oil 

 Rich in anti-oxidants, vitamin E, and  A, olive oil can help cure stretch marks very well. Vitamin A in olive oil aids in accelerating the blood flow to the skin, thereby, stimulating the dermis and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin E in olive oil counteracts the skin-damaging free radicals, where are main causes of wrinkles and premature  ageing. These two vitamins make olive oil a great aid in getting you rid of  stretch marks. Just heat a olive oil in thick vessel and apply a generous amount of olive oil on your abdomen, breast, hips and other affected areas to lighten them naturally.

5.Lemon juice 

 Lemon juice is acidic in nature which is rich in vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids,. Vitamin C is ascorbic acid which speeds up the production of collagen, a protein which is made from amino acids and constitutes almost 30 percent of protein in our body. It assists in formation of cells and blood vessels. it supports in retaining the firmness of skin. Just scrub a lemon on your skin and let it dry up a bit and wash off after 40 minutes. In addition, you can massage your skin with lemon juice mixed with glyserin to lighten and fade away stretch marks. Very effective beauty tip for stretch marks treatment due to obesity.

 6.Cocoa butter

 Cocoa butter is very popular home remedy to cure stretch marks. Given that cocoa butter is brimful of  skin nourishing vitamin E and anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants counteracts harmful free radicals and vitamin E nourishes and repairs the skin by preventing cellular damage. Make a homemade cream by melting 2 spoons of shear butter and 2 spoons of cocoa butter.  Next add one spoon of vitamin E oil to this mixture and massage this preparation on your stretch marks twice a day. This beauty tip is highly beneficial for removing pregnancy stretch marks that is why many doctors recommend using cocoa butter for ugly pregnancy marks post-delivery and during pregnancy also.


Packed with the goodness of vitamin E, K and amino acids, Alfalfa is a beneficial natural remedy to prevent and lighten stretch marks. As we know vitamin E fights free radicals, which accelerates ageing process and vitamin K manages the process of blood clotting and aids in bone mineralization and sustains bone density. And amino acids deep nourish the skin, hair and nails. Make a mixture  with one spoon of alfalfa powder with 4 drops of chamomile oil and massage on your abdominal area or other affected area for stretch marks removal. A very effective ayurvedic recipe!

8 Egg white

Egg white  contains vitamin A and  collagen. Needless to say, collagen is a protein that is found in animal's connecting tissues and rich in amino acids such as glycine, praline, hydroxyproline, arginine. All these things help in renewal of skin cells and help in firming up the skin. All you got to do is to smear the affected area with egg white and wash off after 20 the affected area. This beauty tip will heal stretch marks and tighten the skin too.

 9.Castor oil

Castor oil is an easy and fuss-free home remedy to cure sun burn, acne, itching, warts and boil and skin inflammations. Castor oil  promotes the formation of elastin and protein. Elastin , a protein in the connecting tissues of body assists the tissues of body to come back to its normal shape after stretching. That is why castor oil helps in lightening pregnancy stretch marks a great deal. Just massage your affected area with castor oil and wrap this area with plastic and then foment the area with hot bottle of water. Practice this recipe! It really works!

 10.Black tea

 Black tea is rich in vitamin B, C, E and magnesium , potassium and zinc. Laden with these skin nourishing vitamins and minerals, black tea strengthen the bones and connective tissues of your body. B12 controls the excess pigment production by our body and remove pigmentation marks. Boil 2 spoons of black tea powder and one spoon of spoon in water and dab this preparation on your stretch marks to lighten and remove them permanently.

 11.Coconut oil

 Coconut oil has saturated fats in abundance that strengthen the cells walls and  also helps in fighting free radicals to make your skin spotless and scar-fee. Lauric acid, the basic unit of all proteins or amino acid, makes your skin tight and younger  Just massage coconut oil on your abdominal area to, soothe, hydrate and nourish your skin apart from lightening stretch marks.

 12.Wheat germ oil 

  Wheat germ oil is very good herbal remedy to cure stretch marks both in initial stage and old marks. It is extracted from the embryo of wheat and loading with the goodness of vitamin C D and fatty acids Just massage wheat germ oil on your marks gently. in addition, you can even mix 4 drops of calendula oil with organic wheatgerm oil to massage your abdominal areas ,buttocks, thighs, breasts and other affected parts to lighten stretch marks.

 13.Tea tree  oil

 Tea tree oil contains all sorts of of anti-viral, anti-bacterial properties that reduce stretch marks naturally. Just massage tea tree oil all over your stretch marks to get rid of them permanently.

14.Rose hip seed oil 

Extracted from the seeds of moss rose, rose hip seed oil is full of skin-friendly fatty acids that improve skin's elasticity. To top it off, it also has trans-retinoic acid that is a natural source of vitamin A that helps skin to heal quickly. Massage your skin with rose hip seed oil for  stretch marks removal.

15. Argan oil

Rich in triterpenoid and anti-oxidants, argan oil cures stretch marks fast if applied on the affected area topically. It also contains 80 percent of fatty acids that heals, soften and moisturise your skin to make it flawless. Use this herbal remedy daily.

16.Vitamin E oil

  Vitamin E has therapeutic use in removing all sorts of skin blemishes. Just mix vitamin E oil, shea butter, coconut oil and vanilla oil and apply on your stretch marks for stretch marks treatment.

 By Now you are aware of the best and proven home remedies for stretch marks treatment. Follow them and get rid of those ugly stretch marks permanently.

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6 tomato skin whitening home remedies: How to get fair skin using tomato, tomato skin lightening homemade facial masks recipes

 Looking beautiful is the wish of women of all ages. For the want of beautiful and glowing skin, women fall into thee trap of shelling out tons of money on cosmetic products and beauty parlours.  But good news for all you ladies is that beauty can be achieved by using some home remedies using tomato at home at no great cost. In this article, you will find  some amazing skin lightening tomato facial masks recipes which will aid you immensely in getting fairer and spotless complexion naturally. Rich in lycopene, tomato can bring a brilliant glow to your skin. Not only this, experts suggest intake of tomatoes in your diet aids in absorption of more oxygen by your skin, thereby, giving you pinkish glow and youthful charm all over again. Mentioned below are the 6 top and really effective tomato skin whitening mask recipes for fair and flawless skin.
                                                           Image source wikipedia

 Tomato skin bleaching natural remedies

 1.Scrub a tomato on your face

 This is very simple and hassle free home remedy which can be used by even teenage girls who have lack for time. Just scrub a tomato half on your face for ten minutes and let it dry and then wash it off with cold water. This process gives a pinkish white skin on continuous usage of this recipe.
 In addition, sprinkle some sugar on the top of half tomato and scrub on your face till sugar melts on your face. It is a sure-shot home remedy for removing blackheads and whiteheads from your face apart from making your colour fair.

 2.Tomato and potato juice mixture to bleach your skin the natural way

Grind a potato and tomato together in a mixer and smear this mix all over your face and neck to bleach it naturally. Leave it on your face for 20 minutes till your skin soaks up the natural goodness of this skin-bleaching mask. You can even squeeze the juice out of these two skin lightening agents to procure juice and then dab potato and tomato juice mix on your face. This beauty tip is highly beneficial in bleaching your skin as well as lightening facial hair.  With regular use of this mask, your skin gets rid of pigmentation marks, dark spots and dark patches too. Good for oily skin.

3.Tomato puree and honey fairness treatment for all skin types

 Rich in vitamin B and C, tomato hydrates the skin cells and fights skin damaging free radicals to promote a younger-looking and fairer complexion naturally. Honey too is a wonderful skin lightening agent that does wonders in evening out your dull and uneven skin. You can take a 15 days challenge to get fairer like never with this mask. Stop using any chemicals on your face for 15 days while using this recipe. Use rose water to cleanse your face and apply honey and tomato mask on your face daily for 15 days and follow up with aloe vera gel. Repeat this procedure for 15 days and you will be fairer like never before. Take this 15 day challenge to get fairer and smoother with each passing day..

4.Tomato and lemon juice skin lightening mask

 Another natural remedy you can use to improve you skin tone is to mix tomato juice and lemon juice in equal measure and dab on your face and neck evenly. 15 minutes later, wash off with cold water. This Ayurvedic and natural remedy can help shrink enlarged pores of the skin too. Not only this, it can treat all sort of facial blemishes of your skin.

5. Tomato juice and cucumber juice anti-tan and fairness facial masks

Cucumber is a wonderful skin bleaching agent and it is laden with skin hydrating anti-oxidants that hydrate and purify your skin. When mixed with tomato, cucumber can heal burning sunburn and sunspots excellently. Just grind 1/4 of a peeled cucumber with 1/2 of a tomato and smear this mixture on your face and neck. This beauty tip is very effective in making your complexion flawlessly fair, clear and radiant.

6. Liquorice/mulethi, rose water and tomato paste instant fairness mask

Grind a medium size tomato and mix this with 2 spoons of liquorice/mulethi powder and some rose water to make a fairness mask. Apply on your face, neck and hands and relax of 20 minutes and then wash off completely with cold water to experience a fairer skin instantly. Repeat this beauty tip daily for 3 days and you will become fairer naturally. This is a very effective body lightening mask which gives fast results.

 By now, you are aware of the best 6 tomato skin lightening facial masks. Just incorporate them into your beauty regimen and get set to become fairer, more beautiful like never before.

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6 Liquorice or mulethi skin lightening homemade facial masks recipes: How to get fairer skin in 3 days with liquorice powder ,mulethi face whitening masks

Well, you must have come across this medicinal herb, named liquorice or mulethi which is being used to cure a host of ailments like stomach ulcers, Hepatitis B and C and the tea brewed in liquorice root, Liquorice tea is very effective in curing throat infection, cough, muscular cramps, heartburn and so on. High on nutritional values for good health, liquorice is a storehouse of skin lightening and brightening qualities also. It is known as Glycyrrhiza Glabra botanically and it is jam-packed with the component named glycyrrhizin that gives sweetness to its root. Let me tell you one thing that liquorice fairness facial masks are so effective that they can make your skin fairer in even 3 days.

                                         Image source wikipedia

  Liquorice skin bleaching home remedies for fairer and flawless complexion

 1.Tomato. liquorice and rose water instant fairness homemade facial mask

 Blend a tomato into fine paste and then add 2 spoons of rose water and 2 spoons of liquorice powder to tomato paste and smear this mixture all over your face , neck, legs hands and all exposed parts of body.  Sit and relax for 15-20 minutes till this mask dries up well.  Next, dip a cotton wool in cold water and wipe clean this facial mask well. Liquorice is such a powerful ayurvedic skin lightening herb that effect of this mask will be seen in first application. Good for normal to oily skin. Use this home remedy continuously for 3 days to notice visible change in your complexion.

2. Cucumber juice, honey and raw milk and liquorice/mulethi powder face and body lightening mask

Take 4 spoons of cucumber juice, one spoon of honey and 4 spoons of milk and two spoons of mulethi to make this mask and spread evenly on your face and body and wait for 15 minutes so that this face pack dries up completely. Next, soak a cotton ball and scrub your body and face with this cotton to remove this mask and your will see visible difference in the texture of your skin within 10 minutes. Use this natural remedy daily and you will become fairer in 3 days. Apt for dry skin types.

3. Turmeric powder, fuller's earth and liquorice root tea mixture to improve your skin tone

Brew liquorice root in water for ten minutes and let it cool off a bit and strain this mixture to extract the liquorice tea. Mix 1 spoon of turmeric powder with 2 spoons of fuller earth and mix these ingredients with liquorice tea and dab on your face. 20 minutes later, wash off to reveal a clearer and fairer skin in an instant. Check out turmeric facial masks for amazing fairness and glow

4. Dab liquorice tea on your face to keep it fair and glowing

Additionally, you can apply liquorice tea as a face toner to even out and purify your skin. Use this toner daily and you will be fairer withing short span of time. Moreover, this hassle free natural remedy helps to fade all sorts of facial blemishes and imperfections of your skin.

 5. Liquorice tea for curing suntan and sun spots

  Liquorice root concoction can be used a sunscreen lotion to protect your skin against your skin against sun rays, premature ageing and wrinkles caused by prolonged exposure to sun rays. For making an anti-tan face mask, mix  2 spoons of crushed cucumber in liquorice tea and apply on face to heal and soothe inflamed and sunburnt skin. Very nice beauty tip for treating suntan and dark skin.

6. Oats, liquorice root powder and rose water skin-bleaching mask

 Cook oats with milk if you have dry skin and cook oatmeal with plain water if you have oily skin. Next, mix this cooked oats with rose water and liquorice root powder to make a paste of thick consistency and apply on your perfectly cleansed skin and leave it on for 20 minutes. Use on completely clean skin and massage for 5 minutes to whiten and brighten your complexion within 3 days.

 By now you are aware of the skin whitening home remedies with liquorice in your beauty rituals. All these herbal remedies are tried and tested and these essential beauty tips are highly recommended for those who wish to become fairer within short span of time. Do you know about any skin care remedies with liquorice? If yes, then share your recipe with us in the comments section given below the post. I will be really happy to see your comments.

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10 Turmeric skin whitening home remedies : How to get fair and flawless skin using turmeric,Turmeric skin lightening homemade facial masks recipes

Turmeric is being used in beauty rituals across Asian countries since ages. In a south Asian county, India,  turmeric is considered to be an important part of bridal rituals. It is considered that applying  turmeric(haldi) on brides' skin brightens her complexion and improves skin's clarity. And not only this, no Indian dish is complete without the tinge of this golden spice, turmeric. Turmeric has more than 300 antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that is why turmeric is very effective ingredient to cure acne and heal wound quickly. Studies have shown that turmeric has a component named curcuma which inhibits the protein,which speeds up melanin production that is why turmeric is very good aid for skin whitening and evening out the skin. In 2009, a study further proved that cucuma in haldi or turmeric not only counteracts UV rays but also cures pigmentation marks very effectively. But turmeric has much more to offer than these qualities. Rich in calcium, Vitamin C, B6, Potassium and magnesium, turmeric is a boon to your all-round beauty. You can make a lot of ayurvedic skin lightening facial masks with turmeric.

                                                          Image source wikipedia

Skin bleaching tips with turmeric

1. Turmeric and gram flour facial masks for fair and glowing skin

 It is the most popular facial mask used by India women across the country. I remember, as a teenager, I was always advised my my mother to use haldi-besan(turmeric and gramflour) mask to make my skin radiant and fairer. And it is true it gave amazing result in whitening my skin. All you need 2 spoons of gram flour and half spoon of turmeric and mix these ingredients with milk or rose water and leave this on your face for ten minutes and then rub it off gently to remove this mask and within 15 days of use of this recipe, your skin becomes fairer and more glowing.

2.Turmeric, lemon juice and fuller earth facial mask recipe for fairer and oil-free skin

 Similarly, you can mix 2 pinches of turmeric with 5 spoons of lemon juice and 2 spoons of multani mitti and let this face mask to stay on your face for 15 minutes and then wash off it off with cold water. This recipe is very beneficial aid in removing suntan, freckles and sun spots. Beauty tip best suitable for oily skin.

 3. Turmeric,camphor and orange juice anti-tan and fairness facial mask

 Add a pinch of camphor, and half spoon of turmeric to 3 spoons of orange juice and apply this mix all over your face and neck. This natural remedy lightens you skin as wells as cures tanning of skin. Moreover, this recipe can shrink enlarged and open pores of your skin and helps to make your skin flawlessly clear.

4. Barley flour, full fat milk, lemon juice and turmeric homemade fairness facial mask

Take 2 spoons of barley flour, 2 spoons of milk, half spoon of lemon juice and half spoon of turmeric and use this mixture as a skin exfoliating ubtan as this facial mask will clear deep deposited dirt and make -up residues on your skin and end result will be a clear, fairer and radiant skin naturally instantly.

5. Sandalwood and turmeric herbal facial mask for fair and blemish free skin

It is a herbal face mask by which most beauty conscious girls will vouch for, which is being used  to improve their complexion and remove facial imperfections for centuries . In 2 spoons  of  pure sandalwood(chandan) powder, add  half spoon of turmeric with rose and apply it on face for 20 minutes. Wash off with cold water and experience a clear, fairer and more luminous complexion. This remedy is very effective in curing acne and acne scars too, apart from lightening your skin tone.

 6. Cucumber juice, honey and turmeric fairness lotion for dark skin

 Mix 2 spoons of cucumber juice,  2 spoons of honey  and 1/4 spoon of raw turmeric paste and dab this mixture all over your face and neck. Wash off after 15 minutes. Good beauty tip for dark skin.

7. Milk cream and turmeric traditional facial mask for whiter and smoother complexion

Mix half spoon of turmeric to 2 spoons of fresh milk cream and massage gently on face,neck and all exposed parts of body to smoothen your complexion.This recipe can be tried on small babies also to improve their complexion.

8.   Papaya pulp and turmeric for bleaching your skin 

As you know papaya is rich in papain, an enzyme that lightens your skin and facial blemishes. To bleach you skin the natural way, add one spoon of turmeric to 3 spoons of papaya pulp and smear this all over your face and neck and all exposed parts of body and 15 minutes later, scrub gently to remove this mask. Use this natural remedy on alternate days to remove facial marks and get set to become fairer and spotless within 15 days.

9.Potato juice, tomato juice and turmeric fairness tip for whitening your skin

  Combine 2 spoons of potato juice, 2 spoons of tomato juice and 2 Pinches of turmeric powder to whip up an ideal skin lightening masks for your dark and dull skin. Very effective beauty tip for oily skin.

10. Make an anti-tan and skin whitening exfoliating scrub with rice powder, curd and turmeric

 Mix 5 grams of turmeric with 3 spoons of rice powder and 2 spoons of curd and rub this mixture all over your face and neck for 5 minutes. This fairness scrub makes your complexion lighter and squeaky clean.

 By now, you are aware of best 10 turmeric homemade facial masks which you can use to lighten your skin colour naturally. Use these useful beauty tips and do not forget to share your experience with me.

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Monday, 27 June 2016

How to make lip scrub at home: An easy guide!

This is a guest post written by karen menezes who is a self-confessed optimist at heart! She voluntarily loves all things happy and healthy! This PAN-India award-winning blogger is the Editor-in-Chief at , which is a women’s health, beauty, and lifestyle online magazine.

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lip scrub make itself is simple and inexpensive, it removes dead skin cells and creates soft and well-circulated lips

Do you suffer especially during the cold season in dry and chapped lips? Use several times a day a lip balm to care for sensitive skin, but see far little success? Then you should often apply a skin gentle lip scrub. Of course you get this lip care product commercially. But why not make your lip scrub yourself? The ingredients that you need, you can find in your household, the preparation is very simple and you know exactly what you do on your lips.

What causes a lip peeling?

Chapped, dry lips are painful and are not absolutely kissable. Through this article, we provide remedial regular lip scrubs. The granular ingredients rub the dead skin and shed it from gentle and sensitive skin of the lips that are particularly well supplied with blood. The success can be seen: Delicate and soft lips look tempting. And the additional good news: you can make your lip scrub itself.

Lip scrub three recipes for healthy, red lips

If you want to maintain your lips, you need to buy expensive products. Make the lip scrub myself because while saving and can also decide which ingredients should be included in the skin care product. The ingredients you will surely find in your kitchen.

Lip Scrub Recipe 1: the sweet seduction

You need
  • 2 to 3 teaspoons of white or brown sugar
  • 2 teaspoons honey
  • 3 teaspoons olive oil

And so you make your sweet lip scrub yourself

Mix the sugar with the honey, then add the oil and stir everything into a paste.
The mixture must not be heated because the sugar is supposed to remain grainy and not melt.
You can fill this exfoliating paste in a small bowl.
Close it well and use the scrub more often.

Lip Scrub Recipe 2: For those who like it salty

To feel the sweetness of honey on the lips, though sounds promising, is not preferred by all. The alternative is salt. This staple is suitable for exfoliate well.

For your lip scrub you need
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • 1 pinch of salt

The preparation is simple

Mix the salt and the oil in a small vessel to a fixed substance.
The mixture can be immediately put on your lips.

Lip Scrub Recipe 3: A fresh scrub with peppermint

You need
  • 3 teaspoons of sugar
  • 2 teaspoons honey
  • 2 teaspoons good vegetable oil
  • 10 drops of peppermint oil

Preparation of lip scrubs

The sugar, the honey and the oil are stirred together, so that a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

Lip scrub - how to use it?

The skin care exfoliation you will use immediately after mixing well. You can keep it in a tightly sealed container for other applications, however.
Apply the lip scrub on the skin and massage with a soft toothbrush or a finger gently your lips about 2 to 5 minutes. Then rinse with warm water thoroughly.

Conclusion: A lip scrub freed of dead skin particles, perfused the skin and provides soft lips. And you can do it with simple means itself.

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Friday, 13 May 2016

How to Take a Perfect Selfie: Learn the Tricks of Posing for Good Selfies

A Selfie is a self-portrait photograph, usually taken by a click with mobile phone camera or a digital camera. In the contemporary world, Selfie is kind of becoming necessary especially to those who love fashion or posting images on facebook, instagram, watsapp, and other social media DP. However, it is important to know that not all people have photogenic face and not all people can pose a perfect Selfie, that is why this article is meant to show you some tips and tricks that will make you take a perfect Selfie.
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Tips And Tricks For Taking A Perfect Selfie

1. Get a good phone with a good camera

The first thing you need to do if you want to take awesome poses for Selfie is to get the right mobile phone or a good digital camera for that. Try to look for a camera with at least 5 mega pixels and above, so that your pictures will appear clear and attractive.

2. Download the camera app
After getting a device with a good camera, it is also advisable to download the camera app so that the picture quality will be awesome. There’s a lot of camera app in mobile play store, you are advised to download the one that best matches your device requirement.

3.  Take your Selfie where there is lighting

If you want your Selfie to be nice and attractive, look for a place where there is adequate lighting. Studies have shown that, lighting is one of the important factors that make photographs look awesome. Therefore, when taking a Selfie, it is important to look for a background that you know can give you adequate lighting and produce astounding images.

4. Hold your phone high above your head and away from you at a 45 degree angle

Another tip for taking a good Selfie is the way you will handle the camera. Whether you’re using a mobile phone or a digital camera, it is important to try to do as the models do. The reason for holding the camera high above your head and away from you at a 45 degree angle is for you to look slim, trim, and beautiful in your Selfie.

5. Capture the Selfie slow and steady

To have a perfect Selfie, you don’t have to rush in capturing your images, instead try to go slow and steady so that your photogenic face will make the Selfie awesome. Moreover, it is important to know that most boys and girls used to make a kind of mistake of rush-snapshots that will spoil their poses especially in a group Selfie.  It is important capture your Selfie slow and steady so that you will have the confidence to upload your images as profile pictures, on facebook, instagram, as well as on other social media platforms.

In conclusion, one thing to keep in mind is that taking a good Selfie can present a number of hassles if you don’t know how to position your camera. The best way to do this is to calm yourself down, smile to the camera, hold the camera high above your head, and then take the snapshot slow and steady. If you’re able to do these things correctly, you are simply good to go.